Edema Control Instructions for Patients,
Clinical Pearl No. 34 – April 2015

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April 2015                       No. 34



Postoperative patient instructions should be simple, provide focused information, and ideally be understood regardless of the native language of the patient. Verbal instructions often are forgotten or misunderstood. In our increasingly busy practices quality time with our patients is our most valuable resource and any means which helps us communicate clearly and efficiently is of value.

To both save time and increase the accuracy of communication, Dr. Alberto Lluch from the Institut Kaplan in Barcelona, Spain, created a

drawing which simply but skillfully instructs patients on how to minimize edema and care for a post-operative dressing/cast.  Best of all, the patient does not need to be able to read!

He submitted this drawing to the ASSH Correspondence Club Newsletter in 1984 and it is provided here with Dr. Lluch’s permission. HandLab is making this drawing available to you in a full page PDF format to use for your patients’ education. (See link below for full page patient instructions).

 Edema Control Instructions


 Download Printable Patient Edema Control Instructions

Download Clinical Pearl No. 34, Edema Control Instructions for Patients, April 2015



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