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Quilting with the Push MetaGrip

Thumb pain making it hard to quilt?

quilting with the MetaGrip quilting with the MetaGrip

Keep Quilting with the Push MetaGrip

As we age, cartilage in our joints wear away causing pain in the joints. One of the most common places for this to occur, especially for older women, is the joint at the base of the thumb (CMC). CMC osteoarthritis can make it extremely painful to do common tasks, such as turning a key or using a pair of scissors.

This means you can no longer enjoy quilting. Other braces are bulky and limit hand function, but the Push MetaGrip is a low profile design with targeted CMC joint support so you retain functional use of your hand.

“My thumb pain was terrible and other braces so bulky I could not quilt. Now I even forget I have the MetaGrip on. Worth every penny!” - Joan, lifelong quilter